Label made for KHB Brugghús distillery in Borgarfjörður eystri east Iceland.

The Idea behind the label is that Moonshine is not considered a fancy drink and locals used to make it themselves in early 1900.  I wanted the label to represent the history, therefor look very simple and not shiny at all. So the texture of the label feels like old battered paper and the idea is that the paper is ripped. No fancy fonts or images. But, if you turn the bottle and look at the back you can see that the "rips" are the mountaintops of the very picturesque fjord Borgarfjörður eystri drawn with simple ink pen. 
The bottle seal-label has the brewery's logo on it.

(Take a look at this incredible virtual tour around the magnificent area og Borgarfjörður eystri.)
Here you can find a short video (in Icelandic though) about the brewery and see the Landi label "live". 
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