Hi, my name is Heiðdís and I do graphic design.

Born and raised in rural east Iceland with a constant butterfly in my stomach, passion for beauty and big designer dreams. 

Having had an appetite for beauty, arts and design ever since i can remember, always been making my own “things” drawing, painting, building, sewing, knitting, weaving you name it. 

I remember taking every trip i could with my parents to the local supermarket so I could stand by the magazine rack and look at the foreign magazines while they shopped for groceries. I was about 12 years old when I bought my first magazine, completely captivated by the photos. I kept buying them and eventually started reading them, loving the way they inspired me and made me feel and dream. In 1996, then fifteen, I convinced my mom to buy me a white fabric so I could sew a “Gucci dress” for myself as the clothes from the local fashion store were not quite meeting my expectations at the time :)

Some years later, I moved to Paris to study french literature and art history. My favourite extracurricular activities became the museums, the wine, the long walks as well as people-watching at cafés. At the kiosque on the corner of my street I bought all kinds of fashion and design magazines, still dreaming about becoming a designer. 

After years of moving around, from Paris, to Copenhagen and back and forth in Iceland, and many different jobs ranging from stewardess, event planner and hotel manager to salesperson at a fashion store and a french teacher, I finally decided it was time for me to just follow my heart and the dream I have carried with me for so long. All the detours and different experiences have each given me something valuable, made me stronger, given me a wider perspective on design and enhanced my people skills.

I love to make things, it’s what i do best. I want to work with creative people, from all around the world.

I am founder and owner of design studio artless and online design store www.artless.is , based in East Iceland. 
I’m sure we can team up and design some awesome stuff!
Inquiries :  artless@artless.is  

Thank you!
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