KHB brewery & distillery started operation in 2020. They produce handcrafted beers, gin & Landi (Moonshine).
KHB brewery & distillery is based in the picturesque fjord Borgarfjörður in East Iceland where you can find quite a few interesting places, especially if you get to know some of the great tales about the trolls & elves that live there. 
KHB craft beer names are dedicated to central figures from the local tales.  The breweries diligence, and respect for Borgarfjörður eystri heritage inspired the characters, style and color choices of the label designs.

Borghildur is the Queen of the elves and happens to live in Álfaborg rock in Borgarfjörður.

Steinbúi was a gnome who wanted to steal the farmers wife...

Steinbúi Special Easter edition 2022

Snotra came from the sea but had to live amongst humans, she could only visit home once a year...

Naddi was a terrible ogre who attacked and killed people who tried to cross his path 

Kollur is handsome and wants to party!

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