The idea of perfect Image and identity is important today's world as never before. Both for individuals and companies. We strive to keep up the perfect/good/clean image and it seems like sometimes we actually start to believe in the image created even though deep down we know it probably isn't true.
The idea of the project is spun from thinking about the job of graphic designers. Graphic designers are often hired  to create or recreate identities. These identities are then hoped to be noticed and believed. People do the same (sometimes intentionally) when they choose to keep profiles on social media. They want to be noticed and make other people believe a certain image about them and their lives.
These images can often be deceiving as they are styled and do not show the whole truth. That is why I chose the latch hook method as the picture is "perfect" on one side it is messy on the other.  On the right side strings are falling all over the place and the image is not quite clear to the viewer. 
You have to see and understand both sides to get the whole picture, the truth.

Self portrait.
Styled WPAP portrait.
Material for latch hook WPAP image.
Hard work to stitch the yarn in the canvas.
Work in progress.
My work space. Big table, canvas, latch hook needle, scissors, loads of yarn and my lap top to keep track.
Vector lines over a photo of project to make sure everything was in place.
Project on track.
The truth can be messy.
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