Iceland - Graphic take on some of Icelands great mountains.
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Mount-Herðubreið, often called "the Queen "of Icelandic mountains. 
She rises from a  lava-field and reigns over  a vast area of Norht-east Icelandic highlands.
Quality print on aluminium and a poster.​​​​​​​
Mount-Snæfell, often called "the King "of the east. 
Highest mountain  in Iceland outside the glacier regions.
Quality print on aluminium or a poster.
Búlandstindur is a 1069-meter-high basalt mountain in Djúpivogur district 
and is believed to be about 8 million years old. 
Dyrfjall is a beautiful mountain in the East of Iceland on the way to Borgarfjörður Eystri fjord
with highest summit 1136 meters high. 
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